FastPing is a small, lightweight application to quickly ping many devices simultaneously. You can specify the delay between pings, as well as the timeout interval before a ping is counted as lost. You can set it to require several missed pings before saving an outage.

– Add an unlimited number of devices to ping.
– Specify ping frequency from dozens of pings per second up to many minutes.
– Change ping timeout wait time.
– See average ping time.
– Log every time a device goes online/offline.
– Scan your network and automatically add all devices.
– Automatically scan your network every minute to find new devices.
– Attempt to determine hostname, IPv4, and IPv6 address for every device.
– You can specify the log folder location, in case you want to put it in a Dropbox/Onedrive synced folder.
– You can paste in a list of addresses you want to ping.
– Enter notes for each device, which show up as a column for easy viewing/sorting.
– You can turn of Big Packet mode, which automatically determines the largest packet size that is successfully sent/received per host.
– Columns are customizable, you can hide and reorder them.
– Settings and host list are saved when you exit, and will be restored when you open it back up. Statistics are saved in the logs when exiting.

This is still in development, however most features are working fine. We are still working on adding better logging and performance optimizations.

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This ping shows the possible columns. You can also see the top device is currently offline.
I left it on overnight with a high ping rate to test two devices.