I offer full service computer support in the Treasure Valley area. I also offer remote support to customers outside of this area. I can assist with server installation, configuration and maintenance, networking and wireless, as well as simple virus/malware removal. Contact me today to find out how I can make your electronic life safer and simpler.

Click on the Services link to see some of the services I provide. Or just call or email me your needs and we will find a solution that is right for you. Many businesses have different needs. Some of my customers have their own email servers, with encrypted local backups that get swapped out. Some chose to have Google or other companies host their email, or do online backups. I don’t have a preference, my goal is to help you explore the options and pick the right solution for you.


Common services we provide, if you need anything else then contact us.

  • Computer Installation / Maintenance
  • Networking (Switches and Routers)
  • Server Installation / Maintenance
  • Wifi Installation / Maintenance

I can suggest brands/models for your specific needs, and I can order them for you if you prefer.

I can help you organize your electronics. Having things organized makes maintenance faster and simpler, and it makes troubleshooting issues much faster. This means if a cable gets unplugged it is much easier to find which one was unplugged and where it goes. If your computer area looks like this, it could use some help, if one of these was unplugged it can take awhile to find out where it goes.

If your computer can’t do math correctly anymore, it may need some help. This picture actually indicates a hard drive that has some corrupt data, the computer is still pretty good at math! This is an advanced hard drive recovery program called Spinrite which I use when needed, which is one of many tools that I have available.



You can email me at airin@airinscomputers.com.

You can call me at 208-856-0857.