If you click the link below, you will be shown an example site that scammers use. I have removed the phone number, and changed the wording to make it obvious it is fake.

To get out of the full screen window, you will need to press and hold the ESC key on your keyboard for several seconds in most browsers. That should show you the tabs and browser UI. Then just close the tab, if it prompts you when trying to close it, pick the option that says you want to close it even though you may lose unsaved changes.

I have left all of this functionality in the website so I can demonstate it to customers.

I also left the original speech mp3 that tells you that you have a virus.

You may have to left-click once to get it to go to full screen mode.

I understand, take me to the example scam site

Take me back to Airin's Computers homepage instead